São José do Rio Preto, Country Style Capital

Known as the capital of the State of São Paulo's 8th regional administrative region, in Brazil, São José do Rio Preto, as it is also known, is proud to be the host of a number of country, cattle-breeding and agrobusiness events.

The Queen of the Feast of the cowboy of Palestina-SP is elected

Many friends and people of importance of the City of Palestine-sp, come to give supported and support to the work of the president of comission of the 'Club of Friends of Cowboy", to the man responsible for conducting annual Feast of the Cowboy, Leandro Campanha, otherwise it would be a great injustice. All the people present at their events,  what saw yours the efforts, to know made that he was , attentive to every issue or event that was requires your attention, Leandro, when to meet some friends and guests, with cordial attention, will be always  a gentleman, not least., the  feast by election of the Queen and princess of Beauty, that represent the " Rodeo Festival of Palestina" to be held between 03 and 06 June. The girls this year were very beautiful, and the young  was the focus of this moment, the girls dressed  in country style, all showed support for the initiatives of the President and his wife Karina Canpanha, behind the scenes, that commanded the parade of beautiful young women competing, the night show's was with Country Duo "Leo Minas and Ruan, which together  with your voice shone in her songs in an unprecedented show, believe the feast has moved from 04:00 am on Sunday, The Magazine  "Brazilian Rodeo Flashes", also celebrating a slide with the most beautiful pictures of this unforgettable night, with the soundtrack of American country music "Susan When She Tried" sung by Elvis presley, Congratulation to the comission entire.